My first pregnancy with Harlee-Jae came as a total surprise. Ben and I had only been together for a short three months but life was good apart from the fact we were still living a long distance relationship. I hadn’t been feeling myself and started noticing I was getting up a number of times a night to pee which was definitely out of the ordinary for me. My period was about a week late but I have always had irregular periods so I wasn’t alarmed. I started sneezing and getting this weird cramping every time, so as the good wannabe doctor I am, I jumped on to good old doctor google for a hand, only to find out this was a really common pregnancy symptom. It wasn’t till now that I thought about being pregnant and connected the dots but I was still in denial.

The next morning I woke up and couldn’t stop thinking about the what if’s. Ben was three hours away and I wasn’t too keen on springing the ‘I think I might be pregnant’ on him so took matters into my own hands. Remembering I live in a very small town the chances of me running into someone while buying a pregnancy test were super high. I ran into the local countdown and probably had it written all over my face, however off I went and got a massive block of choc (great size for a disguise by the way) and my pregnancy test!

I got home to a house full – that’s what I get for still living at home I suppose! But off I went into the bathroom and did the test. Just like that, not even a three minute wait, there was two lines, straight away. I paused and freaked so decided my best option was to go grab my mums partner and tell her. Of course she didn’t believe me and thought it was a great joke until a couple of minutes later mum was home for lunch and bowled on in and said nope that’s a real pregnancy test and looks pretty positive to me! We all gave it about half an hour to sink in and decided the only logical thing to do was to go buy two more pregnancy tests which also came back positive!

Then I remembered I had Ben to tell. I decided I couldn’t wait it out till I’d see him next so video called him instead. I knew Ben wanted kids one day so that didn’t scare me it was more that we had only been together for a short time. Luckily, his reaction was great and he was happy – massive weight off my shoulders knowing I had his full support.

I sat down with mum and sorted a midwife and worked out when I may have conceived. I really had no idea as I was on the pill and had never had any scares before, the pill had always been so good to me until now. It wasn’t till I remembered that I was on antibiotics at the end of November and that little thing the doctors tell you about the pill not working when you’re on antibiotics, they aren’t lying – Ha! Funny thing is I was on antibiotics for an infection for a graze on my knee from me getting slightly too drunk at a concert and falling over – so the classic joke we have now is ‘Lacey fell over and got pregnant’……..literally!

Baby Number two also came as a massive shock! I had Harlee-Jae on September the 12th 2016 and bleed for six weeks or so, then I was good so back on the pill I went. I wasn’t really in any kind of a rush to get crazy in the bedroom because I was still slightly traumatised from labour but I knew the time would come. I was on the pill for around two weeks and then I got my period again but it lingered on for a good three weeks, I figured it was just my body and hormones adjusting to my post pregnant self.

I did take extra precautions when we decided it was time to give it a go again because I was happy with our little family of three for now but one time and I literally mean one time when I put all my trust back in to just the pill – it was obviously not working.

Remembering all my very first symptoms with Harlee was fresh because it wasn’t that long ago. I knew something wasn’t right but I think I didn’t want to believe it so constantly put off thinking about it. One night it really got to me and I remembered I had a spare pregnancy test from when I had Harlee so thought stuff it, I’ll do it. This time it wasn’t as quick but there was a very faint second line so what do all good daughters do? Send a picture of it to my trusty mum to see if she thinks it has two lines. Sure enough I was pregnant for the second time but this time I also had a three month old.

Ben was on night shift and I decided my best option was to tell him in the morning when he got home. He laughed and thought I was joking but soon came to realise it was no joke. This time I brought one of those handy clear blue digital tests, that tell you how far along you are and from that I had a pretty rough idea that I was very early on and around three weeks pregnant.


I don’t think it matters whether it’s the first time or the fifth time you find out you are pregnant, I feel like I would always have a week or maybe even month of ‘am I really pregnant?’ Morning sickness doesn’t usually kick in straight away so you generally feel pretty normal, just not really yourself – if that even makes sense! :L

Your hormones are beginning to change and things can seem a way bigger deal than they actually are, just remember this is totally normal! You’re having doubts? You don’t know if you will be a good mum? You wonder if you’re even ready for this. The answer is YES. Don’t get me wrong, in some situations it is better to way up your options but I can guarantee you if you do decide to keep your baby and become a mum, as soon as your baby comes, your motherly instincts will kick in. It will be hard, there will be bad days but there is always light at the end of the tunnel and the rewards you receive watching your little person grow are amazing and indescribable!


I don’t even know if this is a real thing but for me in both pregnancies it was. Twelve weeks is a really, really, really long time. It feels like it takes an absolute eternity to hit that safe zone. With my first pregnancy I was super excited that I really struggled to keep it a secret and mostly everyone close to me knew by the time I was 8 weeks pregnant. Second time was completely different I had told Ben, my mum and her partner. Right up until I was 11 weeks they were the only ones who knew!  I was just as happy for number two but for some reason it was a lot easier to keep to myself.

Hitting each week of pregnancy was such a relief for me, like another week down only five to go. It’s crazy how much you can love something you have only just found out about, whether it was planned or not. The reality is no one wants to lose their baby. I was lucky enough too have healthy little babies at both my 12 week scans and I am so thankful for that! I really feel for any mum who has an angel baby or babies! It takes a strong women to get through those hard times and you should all remember that.

Try not to stress this too much – as hard as I know it is! They say that only 10-20 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage. It is still a lot but on a positive note, that means you have an 80-90 percent chance of having a healthy baby! Try to keep as healthy as possible, with as less stress as you can and get lots of sleep to help your little babe grow nice and healthy!


Morning sickness – A part of pregnancy that makes you feel like total s**t. The thing I hated about morning sickness was for people that didn’t know you were pregnant, just thought you had become a lazy piece of work. However, remember you are far from that! You are on the start of your journey growing a healthy little baby.

Morning sickness comes in many different shapes and forms for everyone! For me I became extremely tired, 24/7. I could easily nap 2-3 times a day and still be tired. I forever felt nauseous, didn’t vomit, just constantly felt nauseous. It was horrible. I completely lost my appetite – went off meat and most veges, which is obviously not ideal either. I was a hormonal piece of work so massive ups to Ben for being able to handle me not once but twice – Ha! 😛

My best advice is to keep hydrated! Keep that water flowing as often as possible. I found going for a morning walk in the fresh air was always a great way to start my day and I always seemed to have more energy and just feel better in general. Try eat good nutritional foods but if you were like me and couldn’t get anything down, my motto was any food is good food!


The exciting part of the long first 12 weeks is finally here! The way you announce your new little bundle of joy to world. There is so many awesome and different ways you can do this and with the help of Pinterest or good old Uncle google you can usually find the perfect way for you.

Harlee-Jae’s announcement was done with our fur baby – Kiara. Its better if I show you the photo below.

Kiara (3).jpg

Baby number two’s announcement was done with all of us as a family, like a little maths equation and here’s the photo below.


I love getting creative with announcements, such a special memory and a cool thing to show your kids when they get older!

I think that pretty much covers my first 12 weeks of pregnancy! I hope I remembered to cover everything – baby brain :P. If you have any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to message me and ask!! I hope you’ve enjoyed my first blog and come back for more, sorry if it got a bit long! I’ll be posting a new blog every Sunday night!

Lace xxx

About me – First blog

Welcome to the start of my blog! My name is Lacey, mostly known as Lace and I come from little old Taranaki, New Zealand.

Welcome to the start of my blog! My name is Lacey, mostly known as Lace and I come from little old Taranaki, New Zealand. Before becoming a full-time mum I spent my days as a Beauty Therapist. I loved this job but nothing quite compares to being a mum! I’m a straight up person who doesn’t care what others think so be prepared for very real and honest views. I must tell you english wasn’t one of my strong points in school so bare with the bad grammar… sorry mum. 😛

I’m the mother of a beautiful baby girl – Harlee-Jae who is currently 8 months old. I’m also pregnant with little babe number two who is due on September 22nd, 10 days after Harlee-Jae turns one! I know what you’re thinking – shes crazy! Yes I am but hey we just roll with whatever life throws at us.

I thought why not take you all on this wild journey with us with the hopes of helping other awesome mamas out there! Life is hard as mum – we are constantly judged on our choices, have many ‘standards’ to live up too all while being perfect. I believe every mum is different and it truly does take a village to raise a child. I’ll be sharing my honest take on being a young mother with the good and the bad and my tips and tricks that I’ve learnt along the way.

If I can help even one mum with my blog posts, then i’ll be happy. Enjoy this crazy ride with me and take it all in. This is just a short and sweet taster of whats to come as I don’t want to give it all away! I hope you all enjoy what I have to share with you and feel free to ever message me via facebook or email if you have any personal questions!

Lace xxx