As I am nearing the end of the second trimester, I thought I would give a little bit of an insight of how the second trimester has been for me!

So, you finally passed that dreaded first 12 weeks, which I have written about here, if you have not read about it! This can be an awesome feeling, well for me it was anyway! I loved that I finally fitted in the ‘safe zone’ and did not feel like I could not tell people anymore. It was all out in the open!

Both pregnancies I suffered morning sickness. At the time I believed they were at similar levels but now looking back at it, I was definitely sicker first time round with Harlee-Jae. I was lucky enough that my morning sickness did start to fade at around 14 weeks. Then I find you enter this stage of ‘am I even pregnant?’ Well I am not sure if this happens for everyone but for me at around 15 weeks, all of those symptoms you have in the first 12 weeks start to fade. I no longer felt sick, did not have a visible bump and what I did have just looked like I had eaten too much and was sporting a food baby bump, hah. With Harlee-Jae, I felt this stage went on for so long! Obviously, she was in there because of my 20 week scan but I didn’t start feeling any sort of baby kicks until 22 weeks – so for a good 7 weeks I felt reasonably normal.

This time round it did not last as long as I did start feeling baby kicks at 18 weeks and I did start showing a whole lot earlier then what I believe I did with Harlee! However, if you get to this am I even pregnant feeling, do not try and stress about it! It’s so normal and I say enjoy it while it lasts, because before you know it a whole new list of pregnancy symptoms will be well and truly in force and you will not be doubting if you are pregnant at all!

So back to those first baby kicks I was talking about – these are pretty awesome! I remember being pregnant for the first time and thinking, am I feeling my baby kick or is my stomach just rumbling? It is a very surreal feeling. You should feel baby’s first movements or quickening, as they like to call it, somewhere between 16-25 weeks. If you are a first time mum and you are nearing the 25 week mark and thinking why can’t I feel my baby? Do not stress! With Harlee, I didn’t start feeling anything until around 22 weeks and even then, it was like, am I? It was not until around 25 weeks that I knew I could definitely feel her every day. I know this stressed me out as a first time mum. Many other mums always feeling their baby’s from so early on then there was me who couldn’t help but worry! Best advice is to let it happen when it happens! If you do feel like something is not right, do not hesitate to ask your midwife or GP. Everyone’s pregnancy is different so do not compare yours to others! Before you know it, your little babe will be having a raging party of one in there and keeping you up all night, hah!

The appearance of the bump! This can happen at any time, first time mums are usually any time after 12 weeks. However second time mums could be even sooner! I feel like you definitely hit that start mark and think hmmmm is it a bump or am I just bloated. Never fear the true formation of a real bump will be apparent before you know it and you can kiss the days of sleeping comfortably goodbye! With Harlee, I liked my bump. I felt like it was a nice size and it was just a bump! However, this time round I am not feeling that way! I am not sure if it’s a second time pregnancy thing or if it’s a boy pregnancy thing but I feel like everything is expanding! I feel like the weight is distributing itself all over my body. All I can think in my head is, how big am I going to get!? I think this is completely normal to feel like this and I need to remember my body never had a chance to try and get back to normal after Harlee because I was pregnant when she was three months old! I see photos of pre pregnant me and think argh am I ever going to look like that again? I know how easy it is to let this stuff get you down and it still does bother me some days but I try and stop myself and think Lacey, you are growing a baby, for the second time and that’s amazing in itself. I need to be proud of what my body has done, is doing, and so do all you mummas! Embrace the mum bod I say.


Now I am definitely putting this one down to a boy – increased appetite! Around 16 weeks I found I was sooooo hungry, even Ben noticed it. I could all of a sudden smash back a big bag of chips by myself; I could eat a whole pizza or easily eat four bits of toast. I love food in general but I felt like I was eating for five not just two! I never felt like my appetite increased that much with Harlee. I am just going with the, if I am hungry I will eat and blame it all on being pregnant because why not? Hah! However, this did not last all that long. I have found in the last few weeks I am struggling to feel like eating and I never know what I want to eat – which is super annoying! I’m hoping it’s just a phase and will pass soon because I’m pretty sure Ben’s getting sick of me winging dinners because of me not knowing what I want to cook!

The most exciting part of the second trimester for me – The gender reveal! I am the most impatient person and I have to be organised, so not finding out was not an option for me, Hah. I have to plan the room according to the gender because that is just who I am. Big up’s to anyone who has the patience to not find out though! It would be an awesome surprise but nope it is just not for me! If you do find out though, there are so many cool ways to announce it to everyone! Both times, I have had the sonographer write down if it’s a boy or girl and pop it in an envelope. With Harlee, we took the envelope to the florist and had her put either pink or blue balloons into a box for us to pick up and reveal down at the cemetery by my sister to ourselves and family. This time round, I gave one of my best friends the envelope and she dressed Harlee in either the blue or pink onesie we had and then again she brought Harlee down to the cemetery by my sister where we all found out again. It’s an awesome memory and cool thing to keep and show them when they grow up I think!

Now your probably thinking, Lacey’s pregnancy seems good and shes loving it. You are very wrong. I’ll be honest. I hate being pregnant. Okay, hates a strong word but I can easily say being pregnant isn’t for me! The first 20 or so weeks aren’t too bad but I do hit a stage of remembering why I don’t like being pregnant. Some people love it! I wish I did, but it is just not really for me. In both pregnancies at the same time, around 23-24 weeks I have this weird stomach cramping. With Harlee, I was super concerned because I had never been pregnant before and I did not know what was happening. This happened more than once as well throughout my pregnancy and I found it concerning that even after going to a&e, the doctors couldn’t figure out what was going on. When I got them this time round, I didn’t worry too much and tried to just stay home and rest and if they persisted longer than a day, I would have contacted my midwife. My midwife has put it down to my uterus expanding but it is really painful and doesn’t seem right!

I also begin to experience excruciating back pain around 25 weeks throughout the rest of my pregnancy. It is something to do with my sciatic nerve and where the baby sits I think. This isn’t just your ordinary back pain though, I remember it getting so bad with Harlee it had me in tears and struggling to even move. It makes the most simplest task, really hard. If anyone is reading this and thinking whatever, it cannot be that bad. It is. I seriously have a new appreciation for people who suffer back pain, I never knew how bad it could be until it happened to me! If you also suffer back pain, the only thing I find that gives me a little bit of relief is a hot water bottle! I did also visit a physio, which helped, along with wearing a back brace to help support my back!

Sleeping is another big one for me. I do not function well on minimal sleep and being pregnant does not help! I get extremely bad insomnia and find myself laying in bed wide awake for hours. The catch 22 with this is – I have really low iron levels. So not sleeping just makes me feel like shit! I end up with no motivation and a bad mood – sorry Ben, hah.

I know it might sound like stupid things but they are things that bother me and it’s just the start of me remembering why I don’t like being pregnant as all those things start creeping back. However, I’m creeping slowly into the third trimester and then before I know it, I’ll be approaching my due date!

I hope this has been a bit of an insight into the second trimester and that some of you can relate to how I have felt and know they aren’t alone! Anyway, I hope you are back for the next blog so until then I hope you all have a good week!

Lace xxx