To the mum’s who are hurting on Mother’s Day…

Mother’s Day. The day of the year, we as children take the time to honour our mums. The day we get to thank mum for all she has done, from the great advice in life to doing the washing and cleaning for us for all those years.  I don’t think we really realise what the word mum actually covers… Many people like to think that being a mum makes you just a mum but that, you are far from. You are also an alarm clock, cook, maid, waitress, teacher, nurse, photographer, counsellor, taxi, event planner, ghost/monster buster and we can’t forget the trusty ATM! While being all of these things plus more, you do it 24/7, no questions asked, just because you’re a mum and you’re proud to be!

So, here is to you, the mum of two or the mum or five. You deserve all the happiness today, whether it be from a cooked breakfast in bed or a handmade card with just the words ‘I love you’. Take this day to appreciate yourself and all you do for your amazing families. Remember we all have bad days and we all question if we are good mums sometimes but the answer is, YES, you are! However you decide to be a mum, it’s awesome and you’re awesome! You are the best mum, so don’t be so hard on yourself – be happy with yourself every day, not just Mother’s day! But for today be selfish and let the kids and your partner/hubby spoil you because its your day!! So, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL THE RAD MUMS OUT THERE!

However, there’s a special kind of mum I want to acknowledge today. The mums a lot of us seem to forget – not on purpose or because we don’t care but because it is often not spoken of or we are all just very unaware. For these mums, today doesn’t mean flowers or breakfast in bed or handmade cards. Today is a sad and harsh reminder that one of their children or their only child is no longer here. These special mums are mums of angel’s and today is a day filled with tears, heartache and what used to be.

Most of these mums choose to put their brave face on when deep down their heart is aching. Most of these mums are hoping someone will remember and just say ‘hey, you know that special someone in heaven is thinking of you today’. If you are one of these mums, I want you to know, that you are not alone and it’s okay to be sad today. Don’t ever feel guilty for feeling this pain for you should never have had to endure something so bad. Don’t feel like you need the permission to cry. If you need to cry a river or shed a few quiet tears during the day, don’t try to stop yourself – you’re allowed to feel grief and pain. Don’t pretend everything is okay – if you are hurting allow yourself to feel that, because bottling all of these emotions away is only going to hurt you more.

Let today be a day of letting your guard down but also a day of finding some joy of a horrible situation. May you find even though your angel took so much of you with them, you still find happiness – whether it be from your other lovely children or just family and friends. May you find even though your heart has been broken a thousand times; you still have so much love to give. May you realise you’re so caring and loving, that’s why your heart longs so bad to see the one you have lost. May the memories you hold so close to your heart be a form of a card or gift from heaven. In this day of pain, know you are so loved and so cherished and someone (even if it’s just me) is thinking of you today.

The reason I really care and feel for these mums is because I’ve watched my own mum be an angel’s mum for the past eight, nearly nine years. My younger sister passed away on the 18th of June 2008 at the young age of seven and since that day our lives have never been the same. I won’t go into too much detail as I believe her story effecting my life deserves its own blog post one day in the near future. My sister was diagnosed with a brain tumour in September ’07 and passed away a short nine months later. In this time I watched my mum become a complete rock for our family. She was the glue that held us together. She kept all those mum titles under control while also having time to remember my brother Jayden and I as my Dad was my sister’s full time carer. As a 12-13 year old at the time I didn’t understand how much she was really doing and holding together for our family but now as a mother, I can’t believe how strong she kept.

Now she is a bereaved mother – she’s endured the unimaginable, yet still keeps going because she is strong and no one can take away the love she has for my brother and I and now also her grandchildren. She still has bad days when she misses my sister so deeply but she will stand tall and continue to move forward because she chooses to honour my sister. She has taught me so many things – she has taught me that even in the hardest times, there is a reason to keep moving forward. She has taught me there are no limits on what you can do no matter what life decides to throw at you. She has helped me become the mother I am today. Mum, please know I am forever grateful of all you do and all you have suffered. You are truly an inspiration and if I can even become half the mother you have been to me – I’ve made it. I can’t even imagine the pain of losing one of my own but I can imagine the massive hole that is left in your heart. So know from me, from Jayden and from your angel Jackson Jae – we all love you so much and know Jackson really does appreciate all you did and continue to do to honour her memory. Happy Mother’s Day Mum – You deserve a day of leisure and love.   


Please if you know of a mum of an angel baby or child, take a moment of your day to remember them because your little bit of time to acknowledge them could be all they need to help them get through a very tough day. If you want to go that little bit further, I’ve done these couple of things just as a sweet reminder. Get flowers or cupcakes delivered from their angel – Bare in mind it will probably bring tears but I can guarantee it will be bitter sweet tears. Write a nice card with a quote or letter from heaven – Such a small gesture but it can mean oh so much to that mum. Buy a piece of significant jewellery – I have often done this for my mum as she has a Pandora bracelet and there is always a nice charm to add for special events like an angel or their initials.


So again HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! You are all awesome and angel mumma’s you guys are so strong and amazing. I hope everyone has enjoyed their mother’s day whether it has been spent with everyone you love or if someone special is missing. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post, I hoped it has helped someone out there today. Come back next Sunday for another blog but in the meantime keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram!

Lace xxx

6 thoughts on “To the mum’s who are hurting on Mother’s Day…”

  1. Happy Mothers day to you Lacey
    Those were very lovely words.
    Your message made me proud to be a mother myself.
    It brought tears to me & I can imagine how proud your mum would be to call you her daughter.

    Liked by 1 person

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